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Welcome to Pathways Nursery School & Baby Daycare

The aim of the programme is to provide focused stimulation during this early learning phase. Learning takes place through fun-filled activities, which are proven to achieve optimal progress. This gives the child a head start in such areas as speech development, social interaction and preparedness for `big school`. A solid foundation is essential to establish a love of learning and future success in their education.

Convenient Hours

We offer half and full day care for our learners, depending on your requirements.

Teaching Great Values

We instill a strong sense of honesty, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, equality and respect in our children. We do this through our...

Growing by Learning

Learn to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance and develop a positive regard and awareness of other people.

Our Curriculum

We plan our Curriculum a year in advance to ensure your children are stimulated and educated every step of the way.


Our Pathways Nursery School & Baby Daycare Classes

Learn through collaborating in a discussion of thoughts on topics. Then providing the children with the means of proving or disproving their theories to come up with answers on their own in exciting and interesting ways. That way the children know their ideas are valuable, heard and appreciated. They solve the problems and find the answers on their own and learning is more effective and rewarding. To do this we bring in science, art and observation (as we open the child to look deeper into physical items and topics). We are involved and completely present in discovering and exploring themes, thoughts and ideas with the children. We act as a partner walking hand in hand with the child rather than merely leading them. We are continuously aware of our interactions and producing an environment that is inspiring for the children and for the teachers, thus creating stimulating surroundings and beginning the journey to a life long love of learning. Children encounter a topic a few times, in different ways, in order to fully take it in and we at Pathways strongly believe in a holistic method of teaching. We also use sensory rich materials thus opting for natural products in our creative projects, theme tables and as toys. Creating a happy, loving and safe environment in which learning through play and fun is our priority.

Our Pathways Nursery School & Baby Daycare Staff

Our Staff ensure high standards of learning and professional service

Our staff consists of five teachers and two assistants with experience in early childhood care.

All teachers are passionate and always strive to ensure that your children will receive the best possible education within a caring loving environment