Pathways has been part of nurturing many of the young children of Linden for many decades. It wasn’t however called Pathways until Stephen and Margie bought the school as a sister school to Smallways Nursery school, Margie’s other school situated in Blairgowrie.

The name Pathways signifies the critical role that early childhood education plays in shaping the paths of children’s lives. We know however that there are other factors that influence this including the child’s home life and social environment. Our teaching approach includes elements of the Regio Amelia philosophy which talks to the child as part of a broader system and using the environment as a key component of a child’s learning. We are a Christian based school but welcome and embrace people of all faiths.

We believe that the uniqueness of the Pathways lies in seeing your child as an individual brimming full of potential. Our role as a school is to work with you as parents to create the environment where your child can become all that they were designed for – helping children reach their designed potential.