At Pathways Nursery school we offer the very best care for your babies. We have experienced staff that are all first aid qualified so you can have peace of mind that your little ones are in safe hands.

  1. We offer a homely and loving environment which is clean and safe.
  2. The classes allow for a maximum of 6 children for the 6-12month old class and 15 for the 1-2 year old class with a teacher and an assistant, ensuring quality care.
  3. We believe in a holistic approach to stimulation involving all the senses. Weekly activities are on display in the classroom for you to view as well as a feedback reports.
  4. Other means of learning take place through play, baby gym as well as baby massage.

Using BabyGym, caregivers know how to confidently:

  1. Massage baby to sleep deeper and feed easier.
  2. Stimulate the senses to become curious to learn and have fun.
  3. Exercise all baby’s muscles to suckle, roll, sit, grasp, crawl and walk with ease.
  4. Build baby’s self-esteem.
  5. Develop baby’s vocabulary.

Our Philosophy:

  1. Children learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing.
  2. Children must be allowed to explore their environment. Our surroundings are used in discovery learning.
  3. The environment is the third teacher.
  4. Developing a strong sense of community through peers, teacher and parent support. Parents are a vital component and are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children.
  5. Parents are the child’s first teacher and should be involved in every aspect of the curriculum.
  6. We are excited to collaborate with you in your child’s learning journey.