Red Ladybug Class
48-56 month old
Maximum of 20 kids class size

Age Group: 4 – 5 Years, Grade R
Teacher: Jenna
About the Class: The red class develops problem solving and thinking skills allowing each child to creatively engage in all areas of learning. Children are empowered as capable beings that are full of knowledge and ideas. We follow the CAPS syllabus and all outcomes needed for their big school careers are covered. This will include numbers, phonics, rhyming and many other perceptual skills required for reading and writing. We believe in allowing children to lead lessons in terms of questions they ask and interests that they may have. We enjoy setting up activities, theme tables and provocations in an inspiring and beautiful way for the children, strongly believing that their surroundings and environment are very significant teachers in their lives. We learn through hands on and practical lessons allowing each child to share their ideas in a learning collaboration of the class. We explore, discover, grow and learn together.